Last Updated: January 14, 2006!

About Us!

We began taxidermy in 2005 as a hobby. Just doing our own mounts. After a few years and many mounts latter, we have now decided to extend our line to producing mounts for customers. There is no better education than graduating from the school of hard knocks!

We have been avid hunters and outdoorsmen for over 35 years. We have traveled from our home state of PA West to Northwestern Colorado, East to Central Maine, and North to the James Bay region of Quebec, Canada and many places in between. We have harvested whitetail throughout PA and NY, as well as Mule Deer, Black Bear, and Caribou. Always enjoying the time we spent outdoors. We have found it especially enjoyable spending time with other sportsmen and women from accross North America. They are always releived when they learn of "hobby". We have assisted countless successful hunters prepare thier trophy for the trip home and subsequent mount.

Our Goal

Our Goal at Outdoors Adventures is to provide quality mounts at an affordable price. There is no need to compromise quality for price. However, we do this because we enjoy it rather than we "have to" in order to pay the bills we can spend as much time as we need in order to accomplish the desired look. We do not need to rush to get them out the door because the mortgage payment or electric bill is due. Feel free to drop us a line, we are always happy to give you some pointers when searhing for local taxidermist.

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