Last Updated: January 14, 2006!

Important facts when seeking Guide Services!

A.) How long are they in business?

  • With the same Staff?

  • B.) Will they supply you with references?

  • Name, phone number -or- email address.

    1. Make certain you contact references:
    2. Were they successful?
    3. Did they see game?
    4. Do they "feel" the guide service provided everything promised?
    5. Did the guide service "try" thier best?
    6. Did they enjoy the experience?
    7. Would they go back?
    8. NOTE: Please remember thier answer to question #1 when they answer the remaining questions! Try to find references that were NOT successful. Keep in mind this is a hunting trip. Few affordable trips include garuntees. You can only try to find a guide service that will try thier best.

    C.) What is included in Fees?

    1. Any hidden costs?
    2. Is food included?
    3. Are License fees included?
    4. What are the accomodations? (Sleeping quarters, shower & restrooms)
    5. Game retreival / Meat Processing / Caping?
    6. Any additional Land Access Fees?
    7. Tips?
    8. NOTE: Each guide sevice will offer different services. Compare apples with apples to be fair to the guides. Factor in the costs involved to get your game home. Nothing worse than running short on cash!

    D.) Do your homework!

  • Physically Fit - Are you physically capable of doing this?
  • Can you afford it - Make certain you have "extra" cash?
  • Will you be confortable - Can you endure the living conditions?
  • Equipment - Do you have the appropriate clothing, firearms, optics, etc?
  • Take extra! - Clothing, firearms, gear.
  • NOTE: You need to do your part. Do not depend solely on your guide service. They can not control the weather!

    Please email any suggestions you may have. Our goal is to help hunters have enjoyable trips to save out SPORT!

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